Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pure Romance by Kari Theme Parties Are Here!

How do you make a Pure Romance party even more fun?  Impossible, you may say, but I have the answer for you!  Pure Romance by Kari proudly presents.....drumroll please....THEME PARTIES!  These exclusive Pure Romance by Kari theme parties take your Pure Romance party experience to a whole new level of fun!  With theme parties, I help you plan YOUR ultimate girl's night in....from decorations, drinks and food all the way down to attaire and Pure Romance package specials exclusive to your theme!  Choose from any of my pre-created theme ideas or come up with your own!  Either way, theme parties by Pure Romance by Kari are sure to leave everyone happy and excited...and talking about YOUR party for months to come!  Check out my list of theme party ideas and contact me today to take your Pure Romance experience to a whole new level!

Theme Party Ideas
~ Bachelorette Party
~ Birthday Bash
~Black Tie Affair (Black and White Party)
~Champagne and Strawberries
~Cheese and Wine
~Chocolate and Wine
~Cupcakes and Cocktails
~ Get Leid! (Luau)
~ Glamour and Glitz (Hollywood)
~Naughty or Nice?  (Christmas)
~Office Part y
~Pajama Party
~Rockin’ the 80’s
~Sex and the City
~Valentine’s Day
~Vegas Baby!

Any and all of these theme parties can be changed, added to and created to be exclusive to each hostess so contact me today to book your Pure Romance by Kari theme party experience!!

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